Sida loo qorto codsi shaqo


Ugu horeyn inta aadan diyaarin codsi shaqo waxaa muhiim ah in aad samayso baaritaan ku saabsan shaqada aad dooneyso iyo adiga xirfadaha aad leedahay. Waxaa sidoo kale muhiim ah in aad baaritaan ku samayso shirkada ama ururka aad u direyso codsiga iyo sida ay u shaqeeyaan, dadka ka shaqeeya nuuca ay yihiin iyo dhamaan xog walba oo aad ka heli karto. Marka aad soo dhameystirto liiska cilmi-baarista ayaad bilaabi kartaa qoritaanka codsiga shaqada.

Waxaa jira labo nuuc oo cover letters ah, mid aad uga jawaabeyso boos shaqo oo la shaaciyay, iyo mid guud oo aad ku raadinayso fursad taasoo aad u direyso shirkad aan shaacin shaqo. Dhamaan codsiyada waxay leeyihiin hal u jeedo, oo ah in qofka akhrisanaya uu dareemo in aad tahay qof ku haboon shaqada la shaaciyay ama anfacaya shirkada. Isla markaana waxay u noqonaysaa af-macaaneeye Shaqaaleeyaha uu ku dhiirado in uu fiiriyo CV ga aad soo raacisay codsiga iyo in uu ka dib kuugu yeero wareysi shaqo.

Inta badan codsiyada shaqada waxay raacaan qaab-dhismeed la wada yaqaan, balse waxaa muhiim ah in eray bixinta aad isticmaalayso ay tahay mid soo jiidasho leh.

Qaab-dhismeedka Cover Letter

Warqadaha codsiga shaqada waxay inta badan leeyihiin qaab-dhismeedkaan guud.

-Your contact information (sida laguula soo xiririi karo).

- Date (Taariikh).

- Employer's contact information (Xiriirka shirkada)

- Paragraph 1 - Introduction, why you are writing (Hor dhac ku saabsan sababta aad u soo qortay warqada).

- Paragraph 2 - What you offer (Maxaa ku soo kordhinaysaa shirkada).

- Paragraph 3 - Why you want to work with them (Maxay tahay sababta aad dooneyso in aad shirkada uga shaqayso).

- Paragraph 3 - What happens next (maxaa dhacaya oo xiga)

- Closing - Xiritaan.

Qaab-dhismeedku waa sidaa, balse waxay sheegeen dadka qaabilsan Qeybta Shaqaalaha (Human Resources- HR) in dadka erayada codsigooda soo koobiyeeya ay inta badan toos uga daraan liiska diidmada. Sidaa darteed waxaa muhiim ah in aad warqadaada iyo hadalkaaga ka dhigto mid adigu aad soo diyaarisay oo afkaaga ku hadlaya.

5 arimood oo ay ka fiiriyaan Loo-Shaqeeya warqada codsiga

1. In si waadix ah loo akhrin karo.

2. In ay ka fahmi karaan shaqsiyada codsaha.

3. Sida qofka uu ku ogaaday shaqada banaan.

4. Wax soo jiidasho leh.

5. Cadeyn muujineysa in qofku uu shirkada cilmi baaris ku sameeyay.

Hadaba iska xaqiiji in shantaas arimood ay ku cadahay hadalka aad ku qoreyso.

Halkaan hada waxaan ku soo bandhigayaa 3 tusaale oo ah warqado codsi oo aad wax ka badali karto.

1. Adiga oo ka jawaabaya shaqo la shaaciyay - NGO

City, state, zip

June 10, 2003

World Art Museum
200 Lafayette Street
San Francisco, CA 94100
FAX: 415.555-9410

RE: Position # 436654, Membership Assistant

Dear Human Resources Administrator:

I am applying to the position of Membership Assistant with the World Art Museum. I learned of the opportunity through your online posting on, and feel my qualifications are a good match for the responsibilities of the position.

I have several years of customer service and administrative experience in the non-profit community. As Member Services Assistant for the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC), I responded to daily requests for the association’s library services department, providing publication information and resource referrals to association members and the public. I was also responsible for editing informational and promotional materials, as well as preparing for and working on-site at the associationâ™s annual international conference. As Office Support Person for the ASPECT Foundation, I processed applications to the organization’s study abroad program, distributed program materials to applicants, and used Microsoft Word and Excel programs extensively. These duties required strong communication skills, attention to detail, and an ability to both organize and prioritize several tasks at once.

I am very interested in education and the arts. At Bryn Mawr College, I took courses in both art and art history, and I participated in an educational exchange program through which I studied Renaissance art in Florence, Italy. Since then, I have taken extension courses through UC Berkeley in Asian and Latin American art history.

As a result of these experiences, I am enthusiastic about continuing to work with nonprofits, and would like to further explore career possibilities with public arts organizations. A position as Membership Assistant with the World Art Museum would combine my member service and clerical skills, my interests and my career goals. I am confident I can be of value to your organization and the customers you serve. Please feel free to call me to set up an interview, or if you need more information. I look forward to hearing from you.


Leticia Roberts

2. Adiga oo la xiriiraya shirkad qof aad ka garaneyso uu kugu xiray

Warqadaan labaad waxaad u direysaa shirkad uu qof aad garaneyso kula xiriiriyay. Markaas oo kale qeybta introduction ka waad soo gaabineysaa maadaama qofka kula xiriiray oo hore hadalkaaga ugu gudbiyay. La soco in inta badan ay haboontahay in Shaqaaleeyaha aad ugu yeerto magaca dambe (last name), haddii uusan qofka kula xiriiriyay kuu sheegin in aad isticmaasho magaca hore.

Bill Pendleton
City, state, zip code

June 14, 2003

Cathy Stevenson
McKinsey & Company
75 Park Plaza, 3rd Floor
Boston, MA 02116-3934

Dear Cathy

Frank William suggested that I forward my resume to you for your consideration. I am a second-year MBA student at the Krannert Graduate School of Management at Purdue University, and I am currently working as a summer associate at Motorola in Chicago.

As Frank may have mentioned, I am in the top 5% of my class at Krannert, and I was recently elected President of the MBA student body. In and out of the classroom, I have consistently demonstrated my capacity to make a positive impact regardless of the situation. My analytical and personal skills are ideally suited to management consulting, and I am confident that I would be an asset to McKinsey & Company.

I will call you next Wednesday to discuss next steps. If you have any questions regarding my resume or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call. I look forward to speaking with you.


Bill Pendleton

3. Codsi aad ku raadinayso fursad banaan

Warqadaan sadexaad waa mid aad ku raadinayso fursad shaqo balse aadan uga jawaabeyn shaqo la faafiyay.

LINDA S. BRADFORD 305 Locust Drive #12 Los Angeles, CA 90046 310-555-0883

August 30, 2000

Hamilton Trout
Andersen Consulting
Spear Street Tower
One Market Plaza
Suite 3700
San Francisco, CA 94105

Dear Hamilton:

I am writing to introduce myself as a candidate for a consulting position at your firm. I have excellent academic and professional credentials, as indicated on my enclosed resume. Throughout my professional career, I have adhered to the highest standards of excellence and have demonstrated strong communication skills, analytical ability, poise, creativity, and dedication.

Andersen’s excellent reputation and corporate clientele are an ideal match with my interests. In particular, I believe my experience in formulating legal strategies and preparing analyses for complex litigation cases would be an excellent addition to your Strategic Services Competency Group.

I plan to be in San Francisco the week of September 15 and would like to meet with you then to further discuss my qualifications. I will call you on Friday and look forward to scheduling a meeting at your convenience in mid-September.

Very truly yours,

Linda S. Bradford

Sadexdaas tusaale waxaad ka arkeysaa in qaab-dhismeedka codsiyada shaqadu ay isku mid yihiin. Halkaan hoose waxan idinkugu soo bandhigayaa qaab-dhismeed diyaarsan oo aad macluumaadkaaga ku buuxin karto.

Your Header (magaca)



Employer Name

Dear __________,

I am writing to submit my application for a __________ position in the _________ [city, state or location] office. I am currently a _________ at ____________, and it is with enthusiasm that I ask to contribute my training and experience to this exciting new position.

I have been a ________ working on ___________ for nearly ______ years, and I am committed to pursuing a career in ___________________. While I have greatly enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to work at the forefront of these exciting issues while at ____________, I feel the need for a personal and professional change. Your organization is poised to __________, and it is truly exciting to see the _______________ in your [city-location] office. This position offers the opportunity to participate in ________________.

I believe that my work experience makes me well suited to assume the responsibilities of a ____________ position. [Tusaale ka bixi.]

As you can see from my resume, my background in _______ extends beyond my work history at ____________. As a result of my experiences, I have become a quick learner who ________________. [Qeex dhowr xirfadood iyo shaqsiyadaada oo ku haboon shaqadaan.]

I would welcome the chance to discuss this opportunity with you at your convenience. If you have any questions or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at ___________ or by telephone, ___-___-____. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.


Your name

Waxaan rajeynayaa in aad faa'idaysateen mowduucaan oo aad fahanteen sida aad u qori karto Cover Letter.




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